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When you start your own business it’s a given that you are going to work long hours at first to get the business off the ground. However, continuing to work those long hours for months and years on end create more problems than they help.

Your productivity is going to be at its best during a normal 8 hour work day. When you work longer than that in a day your productivity starts to drop and your creativity drops drastically due to your being tired. In addition to the issues with productivity David DiSalvo points out on Forbes that medical research is now proving that working too long every day leads to major health problems down the road.

If you started your business for the sake of a better life you probably don’t want to find out that it created heart problems and other issues down the road. Take time off, take care of yourself, and keep your workaholic self under control. The short term gain isn’t enough to outweigh the long term loss. What is your experience with working long hours? Does it really pay, or do you feel the backlash?

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