A lot of wedding businesses don’t have store fronts. Especially those who do photography and other types of services and products which don’t need a store front. Regardless of that fact, your business appearance still matters as Lisa Promise reminds us her in article.

A bride isn’t looking for perfection, but she wants to feel safe, and get a sense of your style. Without that she is going to ran away from your website or business card with a feeling like she just escaped from the run down, greasy spoon restaurant that she would never step in, let alone eat at.

Think about the way that you present your business. Does it look like you are selling to brides, or trying to book a middle school dance? The wedding field is a place of creativity, but you are still selling to brides who are marrying the love of their lives. They want the businesses that they choose to reflect that same feel. What do you think?

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