wedding-pictureBy now you probably know how important it is to credit a photographer’s work. If you use their pictures of course they should get the credit. But what about all the wedding vendors who work in weddings with you? This is a question that Preston Bailey addresses on his blog.

We all know the importance of networking. But what would be great would be getting wedding vendors to automatically work together and give credit for others work that shows up in event pictures used for marketing. Think about it. A wedding coordinator could give credit for the event designer, the lighting expert, the caterer, you name it.

It isn’t something that will take away business from the one giving credit, what it will do is point brides toward businesses they need. This isn’t just good for those other vendors. When a bride finds her vendors through a network like this she tends to feel much more comfortable with all the vendors, and will tend to have a much higher opinion of that first business. This is also a way that will motivate a bride to give her friends vendor recommendations. What do you think?

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