Computer_and_BrideBrides are looking for companies who are able to not only share why their products are good, but how to use them and ideas tips and tricks to planning the perfect wedding. Most wedding businesses spend all their time and energy on just trying to sell the product, rather than making a connection with their customers.

Content marketing enables a way for a company to make a personal connection with a bride, building her trust in the company, and creating an emotional tie. Today’s bride doesn’t want a product or service shoved down her throat, she wants to have a relationship with the company, and feel like she knows them.

By taking the time to write articles, post on social media sites, and other content outlets you are able to make that connection. While the end goal is to make a sale and have happy customers, wedding businesses today have to realize that marketing tactics have changed and need to change to give customers what they want. Make sure to read the article by Newt Barrett “Get Content, Get Customers.” What do you think? Have you found content marketing to be an effective marketing tool?

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