The first year of any business is the hardest. It’s where you have to work long hours and deal with huge money expenditures to build a thriving business. But it’s worth it. If you do things right you won’t have to be stressed about your business failing in year two.

So how do you get the first year of your wedding business to pay off with lots of customers and a stable business for the future? It’s the small things that make the difference. Focus your attention on your potential clients. As James Altucher points out in his article you need to consistently over-deliver in comparison to your competition, but do it in a way that your business can afford. For some wedding businesses it’s something like serving champagne. For others it may be offering a free massage for two as part of a signed contract.

Why does this work so well? Just like with building a house, the foundation is what makes all the difference. If you cut corners and skimp on the extras your foundation will crack and your business will fail. If on the other hand you not only cover the basics, but also make sure to include the extras, you’ll build a foundation for your business to grow and thrive on for years to come. What do you think?

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