It used to be back in the day that if a business did good SEO for their website and blogs they would get good ranking. That is still true today to a point. However Google has been constantly working on strategies to personalize their search engine in a way which affects the results that each person sees when they do a quick Google search.

Rand Fishkin owner of SEOmoz does a great job showing examples of how a user being logged into Google will change their search results in his article. If you are connected with people on Twitter or Facebook it is likely that you will actually see their posts showing up in your results on page one.

So what does this mean for a wedding business? The more connected you are with your followers, the better your content, and the more connections you have, the further your social media marketing will reach. This is a great way to be able to turn your followers into clients, so make sure your social media updates are both interesting and keyword based.

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