coffee and newspaper

The buzz about blogging can get irritating just like the buzz of a fly. It might not be something you want to hear about, and if you aren’t already blogging you are so busy you just can’t see the point.

The point of blogging isn’t to waste your time, or to write endlessly just to bring in traffic. Gordon McLachlan has written a great article reminding us that the whole point of blogging is to write about something that you love, because you love it. If you are passionate about your topic your fan base will be as well, and they will love you for being open, and sharing things that help them. Building a loyal audience to your blog can be super easy if your blog is connected with your business website.

From there the next step of using it to bring in leads for you business can be easy. If your audience loves what you write about, and love the style you write in they are very likely to be much more interested in your product than they are going to be in someone else’s whom they’ve never met and don’t know a thing about. What do you think? Have you tried blogging and if so has it worked for you?

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