If your wedding business has a fan page on Facebook you are probably aware of all the adds that are being promoted to the facebook network as well as the information packed fan pages themselves. However many of those marketing campaigns don’t work.

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So what is it that makes them fail, and how can you make them work for you?  Guest Blogger on readwriteweb explains that first of all requiring in depth interaction is pointless. A facebook user does not want to spend 20 minutes on a page, however they may spend 3 minutes if your content is interesting. Applications, sweepstakes, and contests are pointless. Find a way to grab their attention, but keep it short.

Great things that do work are promotions for liking your page, ads targeted at those who have liked your page, branding, and light interaction. If someone likes your wedding business page and find a promotion that gives them a huge discount, or coupon they are highly likely to spread the word to their network and many will convert into long term customers.

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