money roll

You are focusing right now on building your wedding business which most likely has an end goal about making x amount of money. It is easy to get so caught up with that goal that you don’t take the time to think of what you will do with that money once you have it. Are you planning on taking amazing vacations and being able to buy a house, etc.? That is great! Having those end goals keep you motivated and moving in the right direction with your business.

There is just one more thing to think about. Money doesn’t mean happiness. In fact an article on PSY Blog cites some conclusive evidence proving that having money, and spending money will never make you as happy as giving it away. Does this mean you should not plan on spending the money that you make? Of course not! What it does mean is that having a pet charity, or cause that you care about and giving money to them is conducive to your own happiness. In a way it completes the circle. Just like everything else in life you have to both give and receive in order to be truly happy. What do you think?

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