bride sitting on the windowRelating to a bride is crucial. You have to talk her talk, and use a brides lingo if you want to communicate well with her. But how early should that relation in communication start? As Shane McMurray point out in The Wedding Report, you need to start talking her language before you ever meet her.

As marketers have found out in the last ten years, you either give your perspective clients the advertisements they want or you go under. Remember how big Nike shoes were in the 90’s? Because they were so big they assumed the old advertising, and their name would be enough to sell themselves to the new generation. As a result they went through a major rough patch, and still haven’t fully recovered. Start paying attention to the key words brides use in talking about their wedding with you. What kind of TV do they watch? All of this gives you a clue of how to market and communicate to your ideal bride, so use it! Make sure to read Shane’s post to find out the two words that you can use to instantly boost business. What do you think?

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One thought on “Why Lingo Is Crucial In Booking Your Ideal Bride”

  1. Once again. The Obvious is made manifest. We know this stuff, or should, yet we forget to bring such common sense to our marketing. This is insightful and achievable recommendations with little or no hype and I for one will be re-visiting my material and my websites to reflect what brides are so obviously seeking. Thank you for the graph as well. A Picture (diagram) does indeed say so much that in text may get over-looked.

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