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Getting your wedding business ranked on Google is sometimes as easy as adding a couple lines of html, especially when it comes to including Google +1 on your website and blog. So what is Google+1? You know there are a lot of ways to give people the option to click like on something and that it turns into an easy way for your information and website to be shared with other people. Well, Google +1 is Google’s response to that social platform.

According to Simon Smalls article the Google +1 technology should at the very least help to improve your rankings. What all it will do is still unclear but one thing is for sure, adding this to your webpage should be beneficial in the simple fact of getting people to share and review your site and information in connection to the biggest search engine on the web.

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One thought on “Why Google +1 will Boost Your Ranking”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just added the +1 button to every page on both my website and blog posts. It wasn’t too difficult and hopefully people know to click it! There is a WordPress plugin to make it even easier.

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