Facebook  Blue Flower

Facebook is for social networking. As a result you are going to be sharing a huge amount of personal information which then puts your security and your business security at risk. Does that mean that you shouldn’t use Facebook? Absolutely not. While it may be easier to just never open an account the reality is that if you have your privacy settings correctly set, you should be as safe as doing anything else online. 

The cut throat approach to quitting Facebook over privacy concerns is a popular trend amongst certain groups of people. So why should you risk it? First and foremost is the simple fact that if you want to boost your wedding business marketing and reach brides, you have to be on Facebook. There is no way around it. Thankfully Facebook knows the issues and gives you all the tools to protect yourself and your wedding business. Make sure to check out the article by David Strom to get information on how to secure your Facebook privacy settings. What do you think? Is Facebook privacy a concern to you?

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