Have you ever wondered why there is so much change in the digital marketing platform? After all it seems like there should be some bottom line answers that ALWAYS work right? Well, let’s put it all in context. Marketing has been around ever since buying and selling started (and let’s face it, we’re talking about a very long time) whereas the entire digital age is young. After all, the internet is a new invention, and the very first web page just turned 20 last month.

Does that mean that it shouldn’t be taken seriously and that you don’t need to worry about digital marketing for your wedding business? Absolutely not. The type of marketing is dependent on how people are shopping and buying, and there is an ever growing desire by the consumers to at least do the majority of shopping online. To some of us who have spent a big chunk of our lives with the internet the concept of buying online is no harder than walking through a mud puddle.

What does this mean for you? It means that there is really no excuse for you to not be marketing online, and businesses who want to thrive are doing exactly that. Make sure to read the article by Pierre DeBois for digital marketing tips! What do you think? Is digital marketing for wedding businesses going to stick around for a while?

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