I blog therefore 

If you’ve ever tried blogging for your business and been frustrated with coming up with new an idea which in turn has tempted you to turn out repetitive content, then you are not alone. In fact a lot of bloggers have decided to give up on writing anything meaningful and have turned their blogs into backlink generators according to Paula Pant and Greg McFarlane’s great article.

The problem with giving into temptation is that it often backfires on you. Google made the switch last year in rating websites based on quality vs. quantity in an attempt to encourage a return of creativity and professionalism to the online workplace.

For brides searching for good companies to help with their wedding finding a wedding business with a blog full of creative content and new inspiring ideas is crucial. Not only does it help sell your brand, it also creates a connection between the bride and you, showing that you care about them, who you are, and triggering them to realize that they can trust you. Your “unique voice” is the only thing setting you apart from your competition so use it! Have you started a business blog, and if so what have been the results?

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