Being optimistic is great. It is the emotion that comes from being excited about a dream and is what drives your work and focus. The problem with never being anything other than optimistic is the fact that the focus on things getting better distracts you from forming Plan B’s according to Mariam Noronha’s awesome article.


A Plan B is the crucial backup for all ideas and plans that ensures that if by some chance something, anything, goes wrong, you have a backup plan in place that will ensure that you can still move ahead. Without that Plan B a business will eventually fail, because no matter how big it gets, without a safety net system in place there is nothing to catch the business from falling.

Optimism drives Plan A, the way you really WANT things to go, and Plan B, thought through with the realization that things go wrong, is the plan that can get your business back on track towards reaching the goal of Plan A. What do you think? Do you have your Plan B’s in place?

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