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It seems that blogging has been dying for a long time. At least that’s how it comes across as a result of major media industries saying that it is dead on a continuous basis. The good news is that the blogging that is just about dead is personal blogging, not business blogging.

Personal blogging was a great idea initially. It allowed people to stay in contact with family and friends without having to write a letter or make long distance calls. However Facebook and Twitter have since claimed that territory and as a result personal blogs are becoming endangered species.

Michael Martine of explains that business blogs will never die due to the fact that people want to be able to learn more about your business, and having a blog integrated into your website is one of the best ways to build their trust. For a wedding business having this personal link is even more important as it allows interested brides find out more about you, your business style, and what previous events have looked like. So keep your blog, and keep building it up.

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