double Thumbs upGoogle is working tirelessly to even the playing field and keep people from “working the system” landing them top in search results over more relevant sites. Think back a few years. It used to be that you would do a search on Google and get a ton of scammy web pages on page one of Google. If you run that same search now you should get very relevant results to your search. Why is this? Because Google realized that the best way to rank sites is by rating their content. Better content equals better search engine results. This is why you will often hear the term “content is king.”

Basically Google is ranking sites according to the quality of their content, and one of the ways they do this is by tracking the backlinks to your site. The most organic version of these backlinks comes from people reading something on your site and sharing the link with others online. So how do you make this work for your wedding business? The first way is to create a blog on your website where you write articles that are helpful to a bride. But if blogging doesn’t work well for you there are a lot of other options to boosting your SEO. First make sure your website copy is well written, interesting, and informative. From there make sure your site is keyword optimized for a relevant search term, and check to make sure it is still relevant every year. Once that is done get your social media sites up and going with links back to your site. Post “re-tweetable” content and often include links back to your site. For more tips on improving your SEO results check out this article by Drew McLellan on his blog.

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