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It ends up that finding success in your business is a little more complex than just doing all the right things. Even when you do the right things you are going to find yourself dealing with roadblocks, opposition and problems. The road through that to the other side and success requires you to be able to hold on to the optimistic view that things will get better. Without that view your business is sure to fail.

We’ve all met people that take optimism too far however. These are the idealists who believe that even once their house has been destroyed in a storm that that same house will magically return to them. As S. Anthony Iannarino says in his blog article on the subject “Optimism needs to come with the ability to unflinchingly look reality straight in the eye.” You have to deal with the problems that come along, realize that they can be overcome and find the ways to deal with them. What do you think?

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