It seems like a business owner or entrepreneur is going to be someone with a solid head on their shoulders, but apparently not so much. Think about it. How many successful entrepreneurs have you met who aren’t incredibly passionate and obsessed about their business? Probably not many, and if you have their business probably wasn’t too successful.

Does that mean that an entrepreneur is crazy and isn’t a strong leader? Well that question has been debated for a long time and is under debate yet again according to the article by Christine Lagorio. In my opinion though it takes being obsessed and overly passionate to get a business off the ground in the first place, and that same passion can then be funneled into the foundation for building and driving a business no matter how big or small it gets. What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Why Being A Little Crazy Helps Your Wedding Business”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with Tasha. We have a tendency to see ourselves in this position of “Im in charge” “This is my business” with all the perks (lol) of owning your own business. Well, after the first client, the first job realization sets in. You realize it is yours and everything is up to YOU!! But it is very rewarding when your clients are overwhelmed by your beautiful work, or wonderful food, because now you can put Your name next to it!! It does take alittle crazy to do it, but who likes the completely normal sane type anyway? Have a wonderful day All. Thank you for the blogs

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great question! I think sometimes the decision to start your own business precedes the hypomania, which comes when you get your hands dirty and realize how much work actually goes into getting it off the ground. This results in the 10-12 hour work days 7 days a week, sleeplessness, and never ending flow of energy. BUT, to come to the decision “I’m going to start a business” probably results from a combo attack of narcissism and delusions of grandeur. Think of how dreams start: our first spark of inspiration is the flash in our heads of the business at full throttle success, with ourselves at the head of it all. We’re being congratulated or raking in money. We’re not slaving over the books. We’re not massaging away headaches. Owning a successful business requires all definitions used in the article for “crazy”, though I would give them different words: hypomania=driven, delusions of grandeur=confidence, and narcissism=dreamer.

    1. [quote name=”Tasha”]to come to the decision “I’m going to start a business” probably results from a combo attack of narcissism and delusions of grandeur.[/quote]
      So unfortunately true! I like calling this affliction “relentless, eternal optimism,” but it’s just euphemism for CRAZY.

      Jeff and I have started several business, all under the delusion of success. Not everything goes the way we plan, but if the optimism aka “delusion” pays off, why mess with a good thing?

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was the old saying – “You don’t have to be crazy-but it helps!” It is true though, as you have to be really and truly determined , to be able to put in the hours and the effort needed to succeed in being self-employed. Sleep and personal activities, often get pushed aside when the need arises, so obsessive passion – and passionately caring about your clients too – are the key factors in whether you will be still doing the business you love 10 years on from its instigation, so yes I agree, “you don’t have to be crazy – but it helps! xx

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