Mobile_AppMobil Apps done by businesses to promote their products and brand are becoming the norm. This is a big switch from just last year when it was hard to tell if mobile apps would catch on with smaller businesses or not, or last for the big businesses.

That said a lot of businesses have apps which are failing the “why would anyone want to use this” test according to Stuart Dredge in his article. It isn’t enough to create an app. You need to make sure that it engages your audience and gives them benefits that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

The wedding business is the perfect place to integrate mobile apps. The majority of brides are doing their wedding planning on the go, so giving them tools and resources to do that, while promoting your business is a great way to capture their attention. What do you think about mobile apps?

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One thought on “Why A Wedding Business Should Create Mobile Apps”

  1. I think this is an excellent idea for small businesses, especially for wedding businesses and even party planning businesses in general. I came across and they specialise in building apps for small businesses.

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