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It should be a no brainer by now to realize that brides are very visually oriented. They love to look at pictures, and a wedding business’s images are their main way to capture and hold a brides interest. There is more that you can do with image however than just post them on your website or on social media.

Kathy DalPra of Bride Appeal points out that doing a helpful infographic utilizing both images and information is a beneficial marketing tactic for wedding businesses. Make sure to check out her article to learn more about how to put together an infographic.

So what is it? A wedding infographic is a type of chart that includes the critical information and statistics on a certain subject. It’s precise, covers all the main points, is visually interesting and is easy to understand. A wedding business could use an infographic to cover the basics of their business, pointers to booking a wedding business, types of weddings, pricing, the ideas are endless. What do you think? Would an infographic be something worth trying?

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