The wedding business sells to a very specific niche. As a result most of those businesses fall into the small business bracket. The good news for marketing according to Todd Wasserman is the very simple fact that a huge chunk of small businesses refuse to use social media for marketing. Why is this good thing? Because so few small wedding businesses are tapping into this marketing opportunity it allows your business to market with very little competition.

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Brides are online, and love it when they can find out about a company before they have to go directly to the store. It allows them the chance to check out portfolios and get a feel for your company before they walk through the door. This in turn means they are much more committed to your company by the time they meet you for the first time. Wedding businesses that jump on the bandwagon and start using social media for marketing have a huge advantage over other businesses. If you have the chance stand out from the competition why not take that chance?

What do you think about using social media for marketing? Does it work for you?

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0 thoughts on “Why A Wedding Business Needs To Tap Into Social Media”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Our business has grown EXPONENTIALLY since we set up accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a great way to keep your clients posted on new pieces as well as connect with new clients.

    Since we added the FB and Twitter accounts, we have stopped spending money on advertising because we got more bang for the time spent vs $$ in conventional advertising.

    1. Kimberly,

      Thanks so much for sharing your success!

      Social media DOES work for your wedding business…but only if you work it.

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