There is more to social media than meets the eye. At least that is true when it comes to wedding marketing. Pronet Advertising makes a good point in their article that people don’t want to be talked at on their social media platforms. They want to talk with people and businesses.

A lot of businesses miss this and simply use it like traditional marketing. I can tell you from personal experience as a user of Facebook that business who talk at me loose me as a follower in about a week or two. The whole purpose of social media is to be social. Yes, we all want tips and tricks, but we also want to engage with the company.

A good place to get a feel for this is to follow a couple of your favorite musicians (preferable big name musicians) for a while. Case in point is Michael Buble. His fan page gets a ton of activity, and his marketing team used that page to create a huge buzz leading up to the release of his Christmas album. Be chatty and personable and the interaction with your page should increase, which triggers more interest in your business.

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