A recent post from EWedNews reminds us about the recent failures of wedding businesses like Emerald Bridals and After Six.  Before the recession, these guys probably would have made it.  But now…

Read the full article about More Probable Failures Are Being Watched in the Wedding Business here.

Of course, it’s undeniable that the wedding industry is changing, budgets are smaller and there are fewer weddings.

But does that mean we should just give up?

Hell, no!

I’ve been studying the story of Google lately and the “free model” that has driven its success.  I’ve become convinced it holds the keys to a successful future for the wedding industry.

I believe there IS a way for every wedding business to succeed, if we’re willing to be honest about the changes in the market and take strategic action.

Is change inevitable?  Yes.

Is failure inevitable?  NO.

What do you think?

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