Bride looking at the window

Over the last few years the look of marketing has drastically changed. People have gone from using phone books and listening to radio and TV ads and have switched to checking out websites and looking up companies on Facebook. It’s not that TV, radio ads and phone book listings are irrelevant, the actual issue is that the majority of consumers expect your business to be active online, and if you aren’t it can be a huge red flag to potential customers.

The movement behind the switch in expectations: The truth is that once Amazon really caught on people got used to finding out in-depth information and reviews in an easy to find format. They want to know what you are about, and what other people think of you. They can’t find this out in an ad directly from you. On top of that, reviews and information online tends to be written in a much more interesting format. People don’t want to just take your word for it; they want to know they are making the best decision possible.

So why do brides expect to see you on Facebook? In part it’s because in the last year wedding businesses have started to get the picture that people want to see actual images of their products. Facebook is a no pressure, easy to navigate place where brides can check out your work while they are catching up on the news with friends and family. Essentially you are putting your wedding business on Facebook in the same place where brides hang out. To find out more about current stats on consumers on Facebook check out this interesting article by Sarah Love. What do you think?

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