piggy bank with coinsWhen you are starting your wedding business one the biggest, if not truly the biggest issue you will face is the break between steady employment and building your business to a point where you can support yourself on your own income.

Each person has a different way that they’ve found to deal with this issue with wedding business income. Some people have saved money ahead so they have 6-12 months of savings to live off of while they build their business. Others start building their business while they are still working for their previous company.

According to Alex Fitzpatrick there is a new law being considered which would allow entrepreneurs to draw unemployment for 26 months while building their business. The obvious risk of this would be for entrepreneurs to tap into this too early and have their businesses go under. The main benefit would be the ability to draw in money for living expenses while building a solid business. What do you think? Would the new law have helped you when you were starting out, or would it have created too many problems?

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2 thoughts on “Where Does Income Come From While Building Your Wedding Business?”

  1. Interesting choice of 26 months to become profitable enough to be self-sustaining. I am hopeful that 26 weeks will make all the difference. Thank you BookMoreBrides!

  2. Rachael says:

    This is what I’m going through right now. So…yes…the new law would DEFINITELY help!! And, it wouldn’t just help me as the owner but the economy as a whole because when small businesses are working they’re creating jobs!

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