record cam

If you are at a loss on how increase interaction with your blog it might because readers are bored and need something to pull them back in. Torrey McGraw recommends adding videos as blog posts. Now these aren’t just any videos (although incorporating a fun video now and again helps mix things up).

Remember the point of your wedding business blog. You are using it to connect with potential brides by giving the helpful information and ideas. The videos you do should reflect that. Do interviews with top wedding industry pros (preferably that you have a relationship with). With permission you can also do a short video about a wedding you just did, showing a new idea, and more.

Videos have a stronger pull than written content as long as they are used correctly and are not over-used. If you want to integrate video into your website remember 1-2 strategically placed videos should be your max and they need to be good quality, whereas a blog video allows you to fudge a bit and you can use simpler techniques to film it. Make sure to read Torrey McGraw’s article for information on how to create a video for your blog. What do you think? Is video something you want to use in your business?

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