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Knowing when to contact a bride via email and phone and when to meet in person isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out. The first contact can obviously be via phone and email, but what about after the first meeting and they’ve signed the contract?

Think about it this way. Are you having trouble working something out, or figuring out what the bride really wants? Is the bride in the middle of a melt down? Any time emotions start getting a little bit out of hand you might want to meet in person. Not only that, but in the situation where you are having trouble working an idea out with the bride you will same a ton of time and frustration by meeting with her in person. For more tips on when you should meet with a client in person rather than emailing or phoning them check out Selena Cuffe’s great article. Remember, it always means a lot to a bride if you care enough to give her wedding personal, in-depth attention. What do you think?

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