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The recipe for follow up that books bridal show leads is simple, but seldom followed. Here are the steps to follow to get results.

1) Cherry pick that lead list and contact the very best leads first.

Not all leads on the bridal show attendee list are created equal. Conserve your energy and focus your efforts on the most likely to yield results by doing the following:

1. Eliminate the leads you DON’T want. These are dates you’ve already booked, venues where you don’t want to work, etc.

2. Contact the people who visited your booth first. These will be your warmest leads, so call them immediately after the show.

3. Sift through the remaining leads and identify those that are most likely to be high end weddings. These are the attendees with addresses in affluent zip codes or who are having weddings at big budget venues. Contact them next.

4. Contact the remainder of the “good” leads.

2) Make a compelling limited time offer.

If you want brides and grooms to call you back, you have to give them a good reason. And no, booking you for the wedding because you’re so wonderful isn’t enough!

Offer a special post-bridal show bonus or discount that expires within a week. Or give couples a free gas card for scheduling a meeting with you.

The key to your compelling offer is that #1 – it needs to be valuable enough to make them want it and #2 – it’s going away soon. Otherwise, couples will ignore you and take their sweet time, and possibly end up booking someone else.

3) Include a strong call to action.

Your follow up MUST contain a powerful call to action telling them exactly what to do. What’s the next action you want them to take? Tell them clearly.

Check out these calls to action and make sure yours is strong and clear.

WEAK – If you’re interested in meeting, please give me a call…

STRONG – Call me before Friday July 11th to get your free meeting bonus…

WEAK – If you’d like to download my free report, click here.

STRONG – Click here to download the free report, “7 Outrageous Wedding Ideas for Sexy Couples.”

Be bold and direct in your call to action. Got it?

4) Send direct mail instead of email.

Email is cheap and easy, which is why every one of your competitors is going to be blasting those bridal show leads right after the show. Here are some strategies that work to make sure your email gets opened and read.

Today’s couples expect to get bombarded with sales emails. Most of them have set up designated “wedding registry” email addresses that they IGNORE. Your email is going to be buried in a sea of competitors.

When you send something in the mail, on the other hand, it gets noticed. Very few wedding businesses are sending direct mail and you’ll stand out immediately.

Yes, it’s more expensive. But cherry pick that lead list (see #1) and mail a compelling offer (see #2) with a strong call to action (see #3) and you’ll get a return on your investment.

5) Follow up, follow up, follow up…and repeat.

It typically takes 5-12 contacts with the bride or groom before they book you. Most wedding pros are not following up nearly enough!

Many couples at the show aren’t yet ready to book all of their vendors, but they will be. You need to keep following up so that you’re top of mind when they are ready to book.

Follow up with multiple mediums: telephone, direct mail, email. Keep following up until they tell you to stop or until the wedding date passes.

Automate and systemize your follow up so that it’s easy and effective.

What are your best bridal show follow up tips?

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