couple saying thank you

According to Dave Stein on his blog there is a lot in a name, especially when it comes to Google and selling to the current market. Classic names and titles used in selling are changing. The wedding industry as a whole is changing, after all, who would have ever thought that Priscilla of Boston would end up having to close their salon?

When you are thinking about marketing for your business realize that you have to keep current. Check and double check the words and phrases that you are using. Do they connect with your ideal market? Are those terms getting lots of Google searches? It is impossible to keep doing things the way that you have always done them, or the way you’ve seen everyone else do them. You have to change, not only keeping up with the changing marketing, but staying ahead of it. The moment you lose that focus is when you’re going to see sales plummet. Google has the tools for you to use in checking terms and phrases to make sure they are relevant, so make sure to use them. What do you think?

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