Newlyweds Walking Up Stairs

There are lot of factors and decisions that go into creating a good Facebook Fan page. Making a mistake on a couple of them can result in having to start from scratch (and believe me, fans don’t like changing over to a new fan page).

The good news is that All Facebook has created a checklist which includes a very thorough checklist for each of those steps. The very first thing they have on the checklist is something which businesses rarely ask, and is the very thing that determines a successful fan page. Does your fan page give added value to both your business, and your fans? Think about it. This is the driving force and determining factor that should be driving everything else that you do with your page. If it doesn’t bring value to your business you might as well not have the fan page, and it your page doesn’t bring value to your fans, they won’t be any value to you.

A fan page for your wedding business can’t be viewed as a simple way to draw in new leads, but that’s all. Your wedding fan page should be a way for you to keep grounded with your fans, bring in new leads, let you reach a much larger audience, and help build your business all in one fell swoop. What do you think?

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