As a wedding vendor, you have leads coming in from bridal shows, referrals, social media, and website forms. The question arises, what do you say when it comes time to follow up? Here are a few tips to use when planning your method of reaching out to your potential clients:

1. Make it personal – Use their name

As easy as it may seem to send out a generic email or make a quick impersonal phone call, you want to build a connection with your brides and ensure that they know you care. Make sure to use their name with a warm greeting to leave the best impression. You want to come across as friendly and as authentic as possible. Begin with “Congratulations on your engagement!”, mention the date of their big day, and ask them if they are excited! Start building the relationship from the jump – remember, people do business with people they like and trust.

2. What’s in it for me?

Next, you want to highlight the benefits that your product or service offers. What separates you from the other vendors? Are you a DJ who provides party props to bring their wedding to the next level? Or a wedding photographer with a unique photography style? This is when you want to showcase what makes you stand out from competitors and make yourself memorable.

3. Share an offer

Weddings are expensive, so you want to share a special offer when following up with brides. Offering a discount on your product or service, a free gift, or a rebate will attract your bride’s attention. Not to mention, brides are frequently advised to negotiate pricing with vendors, so (unfortunately) they are expecting some sort of deal anyway. Simply try a limited time discount – Special 10% off discount for all brides who attended the bridal show last weekend! Or you can get creative with a free gift, maybe you’re a florist who can offer a free flower crown for the bride!

4. Call to action with deadline

Whether making a call, sending an email, or mailing a postcard to your bride, you want to incorporate a call to action. The call to action is a statement indicating to the bride or groom what you want them to do next. Here are some examples:

“Call or email now for your free gift!”

“Book in the next 30 days to redeem your discount!”

“Set up a Free Consultation and Get a Free Sample”

Keep in mind that it may be too soon for a bride to immediately book her wedding with you, so try a call to action that can build your relationship with them and get you closer to a booking, such as a free consultation. Then, use your special limited time offer to create urgency for them to come in and meet with you.

The key to a successful follow up is building a relationship with your bride, being creative to separate yourself from competitors, and following up numerous times in different forms to book more brides! We share more tips on following up with brides via email in our blog: The Secret to Booking Bridal Show Leads with Email Follow Up .

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3 thoughts on “What to Say When Following Up with Brides”

  1. Really nice blog post! I think tip #3 is really important as following up with a special, tailor-made discount can entice a couple who were having doubts. Nice read!

  2. Priya says:

    It’s really nice that you shave shared these important pointers. Will surely consider it and will share it with more peoples.

  3. I have a 5 step email process. The first is a general connection email along with a PDF about the business and my pricing. If they don’t connect with me after two days, I send a follow up email and then a 3rd email by day 4/5 along with our free gift which is a Coach bag if they book our photo/film package.

    That usually gets couples to respond in some form or fashion. If they haven’t responded by day 7 a final email goes out talking about how we’re sorry if we offended them in any way and how we don’t get ghosted much and we are wondering what we did wrong.

    Usually, that tends to get some sort of response and we will leave it open ended if we didn’t hear back. Since going to this 5 step method, I’ve seen a much better success rate at booking more couples than I did when I would just use a generic “welcome” email. We also use open ended questions on each email like, “hey, tell us how you fell in love, we are suckers for great romantic love stories and how people met…”

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