Eventually everyone will hit the point where they are sick and tired of putting time and effort into social media. It doesn’t feel as personal as talking to someone at your location and can easily turn into an endless repetition of the same information over and over according to Chris Brogan’s brilliant article.

So what do you do? Do you just quit? Absolutely not. Chris recommends that you stop doing what you are doing and take a look back at the content that you’re posting. Is it the same info over and over? If so why don’t you try to mix things up? Make it personal. Yes, you have a wedding business, but you can talk about the restaurant you stopped at on your way to a gig, the weather, or even some random piece of local news.

You need to keep the information relevant to your business, but incorporating the out of the norm thoughts regarding your personal life is how you build those social relationships and get people hooked on your business. Of course it also helps keep you interested in what you’re doing and may just start some good conversations. What do you think?

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