Handshake_MoneyYou just met the nicest bride on the planet, only she is on a tight budget and you let her talk you into giving her a reduced rate. The next day is when reality sets in, and the disgruntling fact that you won’t be making enough to make it worth your time.

Just because you initially agreed to the lower price doesn’t mean you should stick with it, as long as you resolve the issue quickly and haven’t signed a contract with her. Go ahead and punch the numbers and figure out the approximate cost of doing her wedding, plus what you need to make it worth your time. Then give her a call or even better meet with her again in person and explain that the cost of expenses ended up being too high to give the initial reduced rate, but make sure you still discount it. For ideas on how to approach the conversation make sure to read the article by Lisa Gates.

What do you think? Would you be willing to change the stated rate if you realize you’ll lose money on doing a wedding?

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