Question: Brides don’t seem to be look for what I’m selling. How do I get them to buy my stuff? 

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I have a unique problem, I am the only person out there creating fashion charcoal portraits for brides new and existing. Trying to get the word out is almost impossible when sites will not address need, there is no category close or real to wedding art. So what do you suggest? A site for me would need to explain what I offer.


The problem you’re facing is a BIG one: couples are NOT looking for a wedding artist.

Because they aren’t looking for a wedding artist already, you have to work 100x harder to get them to understand what you offer and why they should hire you. There simply isn’t a large demand for wedding art at the moment.

If couples are not already searching for your service or actively looking for a solution to a problem that you solve, your business will probably fail.

It is far easier to identify the need your potential client has first and then create your product or service around that. Then all you have to do is show that you have the answer to what they’re searching for, no convincing required.

Who is your ideal customer? I wonder if you’d have more luck selling to the parents and family of the couple as a wedding gift, rather than the couple themselves.

Who is it that wants to buy your services?

Once you identify who your customer is, figure out where they are going to search for gifts, and meet them on those websites or in those stores and locations.

Here’s the difficult truth: it could be that you are struggling to get hired by brides simply because they don’t want what you have to offer. I’m not trying to be harsh, just giving you an honest assessment.

A lot of times we get excited by an idea that we think is great, but it’s only going to make money if our potential clients think it’s great, too. Otherwise, they just won’t buy.

I do know there is demand in other niches for charcoal portraits, such as for children and pets. If you can put aside your desire to sell to brides and do some market research, it will help you know what to do.

Don’t give up on making money with what you love to do. You just might have the wrong market. Find the right one and you’ll find that selling to them is a breeze.

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0 thoughts on “What to Do If Brides Aren’t Buying What You’re Selling”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would suggest that the artist advertise at Bridal Shows and begin to network in event industry associations. Most of the time event producers and wedding coordinators are the ones who introduce to their clients new and exciting ideas to make their event all the more unique.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is a suggestion. Instead of trying to reach the brides. Go after some photographers and bridal stores. Do a hand full of FREE jobs for the photographers to hang on their studio walls (only go after TRUE PRO photographers with a studio) and offer some discounts so the photographer can profit from showing your work.

    Now bridal stores, take an owner to lunch and pay for it, take some samples to show them and offer to give their next six customers a free print.

    The money you are spending on all this will be considered the cost of doing business to get started and advertising. If you do not know there is a difference between the two.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally disagree with Ms. Padovani in regards to her saying that there is no market for Bridal Art. Bridal portraits are a tradition that predates the Renaissance. I can’t speak for the charcoal drawings, but my oil paintings bring a sense of elegance and grace to a reception. Unlike a photograph, a painting can capture a mood and spirit that is a shared communication between the bride and the artist. This heirloom keepsake is cherished for years to come and becomes a point of pride. Perhaps it is a gift from the parents, but isn’t the wedding itself usually a gift? Bridal art adds the final signature to what is the most unforgettable day.

    1. [quote name=”Tommy Williams”]I totally disagree with Ms. Padovani in regards to her saying that there is no market for Bridal Art. [/quote]


      I didn’t say there is no market for bridal art; I said there is not a [i]large demand[/i] for it.

      If you’re selling bridal portraits, and selling plenty of them, then a market for them does exist.

      The gentleman who wrote in about his charcoal portraits notes that none of the wedding websites have an advertising category that even comes close to what he does. The reason they don’t is because the mainstream wedding market does not have a demand for bridal art. Otherwise, the category would be there with all the others.

      People who commission portraits (usually for a hefty price) make up a very small segment of the market. Those who commission a wedding portrait make up an even smaller group.

      It’s a niche market that is much more difficult to find and sell to because of it’s small size. In this charcoal artist’s case, it may not exist in his local market at all.

      My point in bringing this up is that we sometimes have a great idea to offer a service no one else is offering, but it turns out that no one is doing it for a good reason: there is NO DEMAND.

      We can spend a lot of time, energy and hard work fighting to sell our great idea. Or we can find out what people are [i]already looking for[/i] (especially if they’re having trouble finding it) and offer them that instead.

      I vote for option #2.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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