The most successful wedding photographers are doing something that the poor photographers aren’t.  We’ve been digging deep into the minds and business models of 6 Figure photographers in preparation for our upcoming 6 Figure Wedding Photographer Summit, a 7 day free event just for wedding photographers.

At first, it was confusing.  One photographer does gorgeous work, his clients love him.  When he meets with a couple, they almost always book.

Except no one calls him.  He’s priced well below what he’s worth and still can’t get enough leads and bookings.

Then we have another photographer does equally good work.  Her clients are also fans and she books most of the couples she works with.

And even though her price is TWICE the average in her market, she still has more leads than she can book.

What makes the difference between the photographers who kick butt and the ones who get their butts kicked?

Once we started really looking at it, the difference between the wedding photographers who “get it” and the ones who don’t is crystal clear.

The photographers who prosper are doing some very specific things that position them for continued success, regardless of the economy.  

And the photographers who don’t “get it”…unfortunately, this is too many of them…are struggling precisely because they AREN’T doing those things.

The Secrets of 6 Figure Wedding Photographers

We’ve identified the eight specific strategies, the 8 SECRETS successful wedding photographers have in common.

Curious?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s NOT talent.  It’s not hard work.  It’s not long hours that makes the difference.

Secret #1 – Successful photographers have a specific niche with few (or zero) competitors.

When brides and grooms can’t tell the difference between you and the photographer down the street, guess what?  You’re a commodity and they judge your value based on your PRICE.

Smart photographers specialize in serving a very specific segment of their market, creating a unique situation where they have no competition because there is no one else who does what they do.

If you think you’re not unique, slap yourself upside the head because you are dead wrong!

Weddings are all about relationships, and relationships are all about personality, and I guarantee that yours is different from any other photographer in the world.  When you use that vibrant personality of yours to uncover and market your uniqueness to attract the couples who are a perfect match for what you do, you can charge more because they will find you irresistible.

Without a speciality, it’s a battle where the photographer with the lowest price wins.  Sort of.

Secret #2 – Successful photographers know their goals and track their numbers meticulously.

How much income do you want your business to generate this year?

How many weddings do you need on the books to get there?  At what price?

How many leads and meetings do you need to book that number?

Successful photographers know that unless you have a specific goal, you can’t hit it.  These numbers are how you measure your progress, and tracking them allows you to adjust to any changes in your local market and the economy before your business takes a hit.

Secret #3 – Successful photographers have a constant flow of leads from multiple sources.

If you only have a few lead sources, watch out!  It’s like sitting on a stool with only three legs; if one gets taken out you end up flat on your butt.

The most successful photographers get referrals and leads from many different sources, so many that to their target clients it seems like they are “everywhere.”  This way, if one source of leads dries up, their business doesn’t take a big hit.

Struggling photographers are often sitting ducks because having only a few lead sources leaves you vulnerable to any change in your local market and competition.

Learn How They Do It

These are just the first three of the 8 Secrets we uncovered in our interviews with 6 Figure photographers.  You can get instant access to Secrets #4-8 when you register to attend the FREE Summit here.

When you get these secrets nailed, you’ll have more leads than you can book, and you can quit worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills next month.

We’re about to begin the 6 Figure Wedding Photographer Summit, an entire series of free trainings that explores in depth exactly what the most successful photographers are doing to prosper.

It’s 7 days of totally free video presentations ALL about how to get more leads
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