Social networking 1

At first the concept of adding yet another social circle was beyond frustrating. And then as Google +1  was slowly released to more and more people suddenly the view changed to the concept that if you had a business you HAD to get Google +1. So why is it so important?

Well first and foremost as Chris Jaeger points out, it’s owned by Google. In turn Google owns, well, Google, and they are the king of search engines. This means that if you want to get Google to like your wedding business better and want to get ranked higher in the search results you’re going to add, use and encourage anyone who visits your site to use Google +1.

It’s not even that hard to do. Just incorporate the +1 button on your home page and next to your blog articles. Then make sure that you post an update to your circle on Google +1 at least once a week. It may mean some extra work at first, and a few extra minutes of time spent each week, but if it gets your business seen by brides then it’s worth the extra time. What do you think?

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