Marketing has changed. Not just in some fields, but across the board. Think about it. If you’ve done any shopping online you’ve probably noticed that you base some if not all of your purchase choices on reviews. So how does that work with marketing as a whole?

Well, it means that doing a huge ad campaign isn’t going to bring great returns. First of all, most of us ignore the ad and don’t even look at it in the first place according to the awesome article by Eric Markowitz. And second of all there is no interaction with the ad. Personal interaction is what is driving the market right now. People want to know the people behind the business, and want to know what other people think about the products and services.

This has created a huge marketing benefit for any business that is online and on social media. Online shopping caters to the new market, and wedding businesses that plunge into the new marketing now are going to find themselves ahead of many of the top wedding businesses nationwide because of how many businesses are still fighting the change in marketing. What do you think?

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