Handshake_MoneyRelationship marketing is primarily used for convincing clients that you are an expert in your field. Obviously with wedding businesses this is going to be crucial across the board. You can’t just advertise yourself and expect people to come flocking in to buy your products and services. They have to know and trust you first.

As a wedding planner this means no cut and dried “here’s how it is, and if you don’t like it then you’re the crazy one.” No matter how much you believe in yourself you are starting from scratch with each and every client. Talk with them, build relationships, convey helpful information, and stop focusing on the sale. For more information on the basics of Relationship Marketing read Pattie Stafford’s article here!

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3 thoughts on “What is Relationship Marketing and How Does It Work?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    that’s true, because every client has different taste and perceptions about things. They have different characteristics, each has its own identity. Surely after you’ve done a great project here you will find your self at the beginning again.

  2. I’m sure this comment wasn’t meant to pick on anyone. You could just as easily fill in any wedding profession: DJ, photographer, videographer, florist, etc.

    There’s no insinuation that wedding planners would do this more than anyone else; it’s just the example Sarah chose for her post.

    On another note, this might not be what we’re [i]saying[/i] to the bride, but it sure is what we’re thinking sometimes!

    I’ve heard many wedding professionals say, “…and if they don’t like it, they can go to someone cheaper.” If we’re thinking it, it comes across on some level.

    If someone doesn’t understand the value of our services, it’s up to us to help them understand. I like the tips in this article because it helps us do that effectively.

    No relationship = no sale.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That quote has never come out of my mouth and I’m sure it hasn’t come out of a lot of my colleagues’ mouths in ABC either! We have dozens of negotiated extras with vendors in many markets because of relationship marketing and, in most situations, can cover at least the cost of our service with referral perks, cost saving tips and inventory resources we offer at a “you break it you buy it” basis. We also host networking events for vendors several times a year.

    Sorry about the rant. I just didn’t appreciate the wedding planner comment very much. Be sure to look for this year’s wedding vendor networking events in Ohio at ohioweddings.biz!

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