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When you started your wedding business, you probably had dreams of an inbox crammed with emails from brides desperate to book you, a telephone ringing off the hook, and a mailbox so full of CHECKS that the postal delivery person had to personally hand you all of your mail…but somewhere between dreams and reality, something went wrong.

The phone isn’t ringing nearly as often as you had imagined, the mailbox has more spiders than mail (EW!), and your inbox is full of emails from, well, no one. You get a few leads from your wedding vendor friends, and you’ve poured all of your time and effort into finding new lead sources, but none of them seem to be panning out.

You’re definitely not alone. The recession IS effecting the wedding industry.

Between 2009 and 2010, a whopping $2.6 BILLION dollars drained out of the wedding industry. BILLION!! That’s a lot of money that’s now going elsewhere.

Brides are more frugal, and there seems to be an influx of weekend warriors drastically undercutting prices.

In order to gain an advantage, you must be able to learn and grow with each new experience. You also have to be somewhat adventurous. I don’t mean that you should channel Indiana Jones, but you need to continue to look for new avenues, new lead sources, and new ways to promote your business.

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