Business_Man_with_ChartGoogle Analytics shows you a lot about other websites, and your own wedding business website ranking. But while they are gathering that information for you, they are also gather the same information and more about your wedding business website. 

According to Adam Riemer’s article Google ranks your site on a number of things that you may not ever hear about. For instance if people are “bouncing” off your site more often than they are off your competitors sites then your site will be moving backwards down through the Google ranking making it harder and harder for people to find you. Easy ways to avoid this are making sure that your website loads easily and uses a common format such as HTML that allows everyone to see the content. You may also want to make sure that you are not over selling a product, but are providing information in an easy to use format.

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0 thoughts on “What Google Knows That You Don’t”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Google is unpredictable but you have to love them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    …so what about those sites that don’t use G’s analytics? How are they ranked? I realize that may be rhetorical.
    Still think Panda is broken and waiting for the fix.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did the big G ever consider that maybe, just maybe, the consumer actually found what they were looking for at the website they were sent to, clicked, made a purchase and, voila…spent a couple of minutes only? Not all websites need to retain their visitor to be relevant or useful. Big mistake – especially for eCommerce sites.

    1. Excellent point!

      I’m not sure exactly what goes into that mysterious algorithm…no one outside the Big G can say for sure…but they do factor in visitor activity and interaction on the site.

      If a visitor fills out a form and makes a purchase on an e-commerce site in only 1 minute, it would be factored in differently than the visitor who lands on the site, dismisses it and immediately bounces.

      Google does recognize that high bounce rate or low time on site doesn’t necessarily indicate low relevance. Activity is definitely part of the measurement, even if we don’t know how much.

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