Sometimes trying to figure out what brides want is like learning to speak a foreign language.  Don’t they even know what they want?

At this point I can predict pretty much exactly what couples will say when we ask them what they want from their entertainment.  “I’m not sure exactly.  I just want everyone to dance and have fun.”

Really?  How original!

It takes a few more questions to reveal what they really want.  It’s up to us to draw it out of them. It’s not like they’re deliberately holding back; they’ve never planned a wedding before and they just don’t know what they want until they see, hear or experience it.

But there are a few things brides want that they are clear enough about to verbalize.

Brides want things to be…

Simple, Easy and Informative.

Check out the discussion about this topic on eWedNews:  Simple, Easy and Informative Are What Brides Want When Planning a Wedding

This forces me to reflect on my own business, and I encourage you to ask yourself these questions…

  • Is my website simple, easy and informative?
  • Am I making it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for?
  • Is my pricing structure easy and simple to understand?
  • Is the planning process I take them through simple, easy and informative?

I know it’s easy for you to understand; you designed it!  But if the bride can’t immediately understand your website, marketing and prices in order to get the information she needs, she’ll move on to your competition.

Are you giving her a simple, easy and informative experience…or a complicated, difficult and confusing one?

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