Meghan Ely is a sucker for being nice to nice people. Why would the owner of OFD Consulting, a wedding industry marketing and pr firm take the time to answer all the questions that are thrown at her, and make sure that no one, even a college student, gets turned away?


There are definitely times when answering questions and taking time for each person that comes across your path will be frustrating and times when you will have to ask them to contact you at a later date when you have more time. Check out Meghan’s blog post about why you always, always need to respond to every request. It doesn’t matter if you are too busy with your wedding business, we all get that.

The bottom line is that people appreciate acknowledgment. It is far better to write someone a quick “thanks but no thanks” than leave them hanging. You never know who the person on the receiving end may be- the next biggest thing in town, or someone who could offer referrals.

So take the time to hit that reply button and make something nice happen!