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Every client wants to put their own unique spin on their special day. Whether it is the choice of venue, a funny theme or a strikingly honest invite, more and more couples now have the confidence to show off what makes them unique.

As a wedding pro, how can you take advantage of this trend to gain more business?

1. Explore Weird Traditions and Wacky Themes

Keep up with trends and unusual traditions. It can really pay off to be  aware of and able to cater to these traditions – it will broaden your knowledge base and your expertise will shine through when speaking to potential clients.

In addition to the standard wedding blogs, there are websites like WhenGeeksWed dedicated to unusual theme wedding ideas from Star Wars to Steampunk. Take some time to check them out!

There has also been recent buzz about ‘unusual’ traditions in weddings from all around the world. Crazy things from the past are being brought into the future: for instance in Tujia, China, the bride to be is required to cry for an hour every day in the month preceding the big day, then ten days in her mother is supposed to join her! In Germany it is a tradition for guests to present the lucky couple with porcelain crockery, which is then smashed as part of the ceremony.

2. Make Your Work Fun and Shareable

Last year, the internet went wild for this photo:

Dinosaur at wedding by Quinn  Miller PhotographyPhoto Credit: Quinn Miller Photography

It is, yes, the wedding being crashed by a rather unwelcome guest – with a photo to prove it . The photo, by photographer Quinn Miller, was taken in one shot and digitally edited in a single Sunday.

Having such a fun photo go viral has sparked a massive trend in kooky wedding photos – a simple Google search will show the masses of wannabe Dino-victims after saying their vows.  Zombie attacks, alien invasions – you name it, a couple will have thought of it, or if they haven’t, they are just waiting for their wedding photographer to suggest it.

For photographers, letting your work and inventiveness behind the camera show can speak volumes. Stay creative and on the lookout for ways to make a wedding more ‘fun.’  It’s a way to produce a memorable photo that will be shared on social media like wildfire.

In addition to their standard photos, more and more couple are now looking for inventive ways to share their big day online. With trends like crazy photo requests like these happening all the time, staying open to what the client wants is key.

3. Help Couples Choose a Unique Venue

For wedding planners, seeking the right location can be a tough job; it has to be easy for the couple and guests to travel and fit the overall wedding vision. But what if the couple wants something really unique? Here are some examples of unusual places available for couples to wed.

If location isn’t a problem, you’ll be amazed at how many venues offer weddings, Disney World even has their own pavilion.  Be on the look out for absolutely unique venues and speak with the owners, you never know where people will want to be wed and the larger selection of venues you have to suggest the more clients you’ll be able to cater to.

4. Encourage Creativity in All Aspects of the Wedding

When you are workding with a more bespoke clientele,  it really pays off to consider new spins on even the simplest aspects. This hilarious wedding invitation is a great example of how thinking differently about the little things can lead to big business. The RSVP card has been featured across online wedding publications, from the Huffington Post to Glamour Magazine  showing that both creativity and ingenuity are rewarded in the world of weddings.

Take the initiative to suggest incorporating some of these trends to clients whom you think they would work well for.  Even if a couple doesn’t want something unique, when you show your creativity they will respect you for having a greater level of depth to your work. Add some more ‘obscure’ work to your portfolio to make you stand out over the competition. If you can show that no idea is unthinkable, the booking possibilities are endless!

It wasn’t long ago that cupcake wedding cakes were seen as strange, and now they’re a popular option. Don’t be afraid to innovate – if you can think of a wacky way to change a wedding tradition, go for it!

What is the strangest request you have gotten from a client?

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