The New Best Way To Capture A Brides Attention

Couple Holding Frame

When did you last look at a bunch of wedding business websites? There is a trend which is quickly catching on with wedding websites that is crucial in capturing a bride’s attention and it increases the probability of changing her from an observer to a client. This trend is pictures. Lots of artistic, eye catching […]

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Trouble Getting Brides To Read Your Website?

Bride & Groom

Have you ever wondered if your writing is good enough on your wedding business website? Well so does everyone else and the truth is that everyone makes one mistake or another. The trick is to catch the main mistakes that turn off brides while not becoming such a perfectionist that you kill the emotion of […]

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Is Blogging Right For You?

If you’ve read many of our articles you’ve seen us encouraging that you have a blog on your wedding business website. The benefits are great as a wedding business blog encourages people to return to your website over and over to read new posts. However as Zac Johnson points out in his article, if you […]

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Tips To Getting Brides To Interact Online

women chatting

When you write an article or blog post it’s nice to get comments. Not just because you want to know that people are reading your content, but also because it tells Google that you are an active site that is up to date and producing interest. So how do you get comments? Unless you can […]

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Words That Matter For A Wedding Business

Marketing online has some strong similarities to regular marketing. You have to connect to your audience. Instead of thinking about what words describe your wedding business and using those as your keywords, think about what words couples actually use in describing their wedding. This concept is crucial. When people perform searches they do them based […]

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The Power Of Because

a good saying

Generating interest in your wedding business often comes down to writing good sales copy. So how do you write good sales copy? It comes down to the words you do and don’t use. One of the most common switches that boosts interest in a product is switching the word “learn” to “discover.” What we can […]

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