New Technology for the Wedding Business

web 2 conference

This is Stephanie, reporting in on nuggets gleaned from the EPMEN conference we spoke at this week.  Lots of wedding marketing learning.  Yahoo! First stop: the wisdom of Sonny Ganguly, Wedding Wire CMO and chief technology brainiac, who blew our minds with a Back to the Future inspired trip through the changing technology from 2003 […]

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How to Recover From a Negative SEO Attack On Your Website

Cycle of Social & SEO

A couple weeks ago we discovered that some unknown party has launched a negative SEO campaign pointing nonsense backlinks from poor quality sites at our domain.  The intention is to make it appear to Google as if we’re creating these “unnatural” links ourselves, so that Google will punish us by removing us from the rankings. […]

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Do Bridal Lead Lists Actually Work?

Bride & Groom

Question: HI Stephanie & Jeff, Still benefiting from your Book More Brides videos, excellent value for money. You raised an interesting point about having leads stopped, one of the biggest providers I have been using for years has just stopped his business. I know you are on the other side of the pond but do you know […]

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Urgent Pinterest Update for Wedding Pros


Just last week Pinterest introduced a new feature you need to know about: Pinterest business accounts. While there really aren’t any benefits to having a “business” account versus a “personal” one right now, if you’re already using your Pinterest account for your business, you need to convert it to a business account as soon as […]

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