How to Quickly Increase Return Visitors

lemonade stand

What are your favorite loyalty programs? Back when I was living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere the big deal was the Mexican restaurant that had a buy 1 get 2 free taco Friday. Needless to say, they did major business that day, and everyone tried to make sure they could make […]

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How to get Pro Google Search Results

bride computer

Google searches are a part of daily life, whether that is for personal use, or research you are doing for your wedding business. Google is set up to be used a certain way however, and if you haven’t heard anyone explain the format you might be spending two to three times the amount of time […]

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Basic Video SEO

bride in computer

When you have a wedding website, videos are some of the most powerful marketing tools than can be used. If your business can put together a good video it makes your website stand out from the completion as it gives the potential client a better feel for your business while building trust.  You’ve probably heard […]

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How to Launch Your Wedding Website in Minutes

lady dancing

If you are a new wedding business that is still struggling to get off the ground building a full website can be a tough choice, and one that can be temporarily put off. However, you still should have a website. Getting that online presence is one of the best strategies to building your business. The […]

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