How Can I Attract Couples to My Niche Wedding Blog?

wedding by the beach

 “Thank you very much for sharing some great info and wonderful advice. “My daughter got married last year, and while planning for it, I realized as a American-Muslim community, we don’t have much in the way of planning, it was all through word of mouth. Besides the blog we have spent a lot of effort […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Website From Hackers

Internet Hackers

By Brenda Cadman In early March 2014, Michelle discovered that her website had been hacked. She had not been properly maintaining her WordPress based website, it became out of date, vulnerable and consequently she was attacked by hackers. No problem, right? Just go to your web hosting provider and ask them to replace the hacked […]

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How to Build Trust in Your Wedding Business

Trust arch

Is your wedding business trustworthy? When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, trust is very important. Most couples are anxious about the big day and worried that something might go wrong.  They want to know that you will follow through and make their wedding day the best it can be. So how do you […]

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R.I.P. Google Keyword Tool

Google eyes

By Kathy DalPra After months of preparing us, Google finally retired one of our most beloved products, the free external Keyword Tool. For years, those of us trying to make seo a part of our overall marketing strategy have made this little tool our go-to resource for learning more about what couples are searching for […]

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Wedding Blog 101: How to Get Real Leads and Make Money

Wedding Blogging

Question: Does blogging really work to get more wedding business? “Good afternoon, Stephanie. Thanks for all your help thus far. The advice on your site is AWESOME! It’s actually working! “I downloaded The Price Shopper Email Formula. Since implementing this email, I have tripled my callbacks. This is great! You gave me gold! For FREE! […]

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New Technology for the Wedding Business

web 2 conference

This is Stephanie, reporting in on nuggets gleaned from the EPMEN conference we spoke at this week.  Lots of wedding marketing learning.  Yahoo! First stop: the wisdom of Sonny Ganguly, Wedding Wire CMO and chief technology brainiac, who blew our minds with a Back to the Future inspired trip through the changing technology from 2003 […]

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