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Question: How can I get backlinks for my website and raise my page rank?

I’m looking for ways to promote my wedding band, especially finding ways to get links back to my website to build page rank and increase listings in the serps.  Do you have a book or video that i could purchase which has info in it like this to help my wedding band business?



Hi, Ron.

I’m an amateur SEO geek, and I take it pretty seriously, because there is so much misinformation out there.

A “quick fix” backlinking strategy may work temporarily, but it will only hurt your website’s authority and ranking in the long-term.

I’ve seen many wedding vendor websites that have tried to game the system by buying backlinks and by stuffing their pages with keyword phrases.  You may recognize them by the paragraphs of linked keyword phrases at the bottom of the home page on their websites.

That strategy backfired with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, and those websites have lost much of their website traffic and ranking in the search engines.

The most reliable, safe way to get backlinks is to earn them by adding content to your website that brides, grooms and other wedding vendors naturally link to and share.

Google’s gotten really smart when it comes to identifying purchased and low quality backlinks.  When you purchase backlinks from a service or get them from Fiverr, dozens or hundreds of links show up instantly, leaving a huge footprint Google recognizes as low quality link building.

Think about it: how normal is it for your website to go from zero to 100 overnight?

At best, these links do nothing for you; at worst, your website may disappear from search engine results entirely.

Stop focusing on the links and focus on creating amazing, sharable content on your website instead.

Here’s how to get backlinks naturally and organically:

1.    Use the Google keyword tool to determine the keyword phrases brides and grooms type in when searching for your type of service.  Ex: “Outer Banks photographer” or “Dublin wedding planner.”

2.    Publish 2-3 blog posts per week containing those keywords about topics that are interesting and relevant to your brides/grooms.  Include images and video.  Be sure to write for real people and don’t overuse keywords or it will alienate website visitors and work against your SEO efforts.

3.    Add social share buttons so that your posts and images are easily sharable on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

4.    Use an app like RSS Graffiti or Twitterfeed to automatically share your new blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.  Become a resourceful active participant in social media to attract couples and encourage them to share, comment and link to you.

5.    Write guest blog posts for other wedding-related websites in exchange for a link back to your website.  This is the valuable type of backlink that increases your ranking and authority.

This isn’t a quick fix, but it works powerfully.  With consistent blogging, social media activity and guest blogging, you will establish yourself as a wedding expert very quickly. You’ll earn valuable links that will propel your website to Page 1 and attract targeted leads in the process…and you won’t have to worry about getting smacked down by Google.

If you want more detailed instructions, this SEO training for wedding pros is an excellent investment if you can get in.

What do you think about backlinking and SEO?

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24 thoughts on “Wedding Website SEO That Works: 5 Steps to Getting to Page 1”

  1. adi r says:

    Great article,
    I will try your suggestion for sure.
    First step will be finding a wedding blog that accept guest post.


  2. Comfortable post, you shared terribly helpful info for what i’m longing for.
    I got a lot of and higher info from you in only some minutes,
    keep up the nice work.

    Thanks and Regards.

  3. Thank you! Will try to follow your advice, although it’s very difficult to write 3 times in a week – you need to have a lot of ideas what to write about.

  4. Comfortable post, you shared very useful information about what I am looking for.
    I got more and better information from you in just a few minutes,
    keep up the good work.
    Thanks and Regards

  5. Awesome articles. I have a new wedding site and needed perfect. I am very happy to read your post. (Thanks your advice)

  6. Thank you for sharing these Tips!!

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing ideas. I will follow this tips for my wedding website. http://www.theweddingidream.com/

  8. Rose CiConta says:

    Really enjoyed this information on backliinks.. Thank you Stephanie this website has been an incredilble resource my website is http://www.premierbeachweddingvirginia.com

  9. Do you think directory sites play there part in creating good backlinks? Or is that pointless these days? Great advice thanks Stephanie

  10. Sunny Tam says:

    Thank you for the great tips,Stephanie ! I’m Toronto base Wedding photographer too.

  11. Nice article, thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

  12. Ravi Kumar says:

    Good post Stephanie, I m already trying to get backlinks to my website. This post is helpful for me

  13. Dawn Thomson says:

    Great post…it really is important to share relevant, relevant and engaging information to our bridal couples and hopefully this in turn will bring more traffic to our websites. Thanks you 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

  15. Nice article. Truthful and effective seo tips here. There’s so much you can do, but you’re right. Google seems to become stricter and stricter everyday. Hard to keep up with their ever-changing algorithm.

  16. I know that natural linking is best and that natural backlinks to useful content are king in Googles eyes. But its difficult to get them when your website cannot be found in the first place. Article submission directories can also be useful I have found. Blogging does work but it takes time. No one ever said this was going to be easy though !

    Dont forget anchor text for backlinks is important too. See how I’ve linked to my site below – we are a wedding band in Birmingham, UK. Including these keywords in the anchor text will help with Google SERPS.
    Birmingham Wedding Band

    1. Be cautious with anchor text banklinks. Google’s Penguin update will penalize you for over-optimization. If all your links use anchor text for the same or similar phrases, this can actually hurt your ranking.

      Bottom line: any type of manipulative backlinking strategies will get you in trouble, sooner or later. It’s better to focus on high quality content and promotion that gets natural shares and links that don’t leave a footprint.

  17. Queen says:

    I like the way you are emphasizing on relevant and engaging content because the truth is, no one will want to share information that they didn’t find useful. Good advice. Thanks.

  18. Joe says:

    Thanks Stephanie great tips for getting your wedding related site up in Google rankings 🙂

  19. very informative, writing blogs is what I’m focussed on now, after having a new blog built into my website. that’s a good idea about guest bloggers do you want to do one on my site? after dealing with many seo companies I feel that I can not trust what they do.

  20. Brian Davis says:

    Great post Stephanie.
    Like you said SEO, being a big topic, has so much misinformation out there. I have found if your using WordPress the SEO plugin is great especially when learning about it all.

    Keep up the great work.
    Brian ‘Dj’ Davis

  21. Dear Stephanie,
    Great material. I look forward to your useful information.
    Thank You,


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