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Little changes on your website can have a big impact on results. But how do you know what to change?

Fortunately for us, Maureen Thomson of Blue Sky Elopements is willing to share what she’s learned. She’s just one of the awesome wedding experts sharing their success secrets in the Acceleration membership.

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The Simple Change That Could Double Your Bookings From Website Leads

I’m designing a brand new website and am looking at the results of testing I did on my old (current) website.

I asked myself the question: “What do I want people to do when they come to my site?”

The answer is two-fold:

  1. Either complete a general “Contact Us” formOR
  2. Use the “Request a Quote” button (which asks for much more detail than my Contact Us form).

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  • 50% of our inquiries came from our “Contact Us” form.
  • 50% came from our “Request a Quote” form.

When people submit the general “Contact Us” form, our first response gives them some overall info and asks them to complete the exact same form as the “Request a Quote” form.

That’s why I decided to offer them the opportunity to skip the first step and cut right to the chase of getting a quote.

But here is the interesting part–

The “Contact Us” inquiry folks booked our services at a 30% rate whereas the folks that hopped right over to “Request a Quote” only booked us 15% of the time!!!

Couples might THINK they want to get right to the quote stage, but in reality they’re not prepared to move when they get whacked with a quote in our very first correspondence.

“Not on the first date,” as my husband would say.

I’m thinking of eliminating the “request a quote” feature from my website altogether and making everyone jump through that extra hoop.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to me. (I’m all about convenience, simplicity and ease–that’s why people book Maureen Thomsonus!)

Clearly that extra correspondence (followed up by a text and sometimes a call) is instilling a sense of trust that makes folks more prone to book by 2:1.         

– Shared by Maureen Thomson in the Wedding Expert Superheroes Facebook group

3 Tips For More Website Leads

#1 – Determine the purpose of your website before making changes.

What do you want visitors to do? Design your website with that in mind, and make it easy.

#2 –  Track what website visitors are currently doing on your website before making changes.

If you start changing your website without benchmarking your current results, you have no way to measure your results! It’s like setting off for California without a road map (or GPS) and hoping that somehow you’ll get there by accident.

How many website visitors do you have? How many of them click the “Contact” button to become real leads?

Know these numbers before you redesign.

#3 – Use what you learn from tracking your stats to improve your website.

Maureen noticed that couples who click the “Contact Us” button end up booking her more often. Was it due to the difference in her response? What would happen if she removed the “Request a Quote” option?

These types of observations are critical for maximizing your website leads.

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